Environment and Health Factors

Taking a glane at few decades of human civilization, environmental issues became the primary issues for  both national and internatioanal foundations and companies. Nature is now being protected with national parks, organic products, natural environmets, a.s.o.

Because environment is the key for a healthy future.

It exists in the nature…and nature has it all!

A carnivorous consumes herbs and plants not to feed itself but to cure himself. His natural instict drives him to sense those useful herbs which are around him.

The one who focuses to the such issues would easily get the idea of the importance of the environment. The solution is not necessarily and always in the labs but in the nature,

GREEN, has been founded in order to supply products which are 100% natural, nutritions of herb extracts, has zero residue, non-chemical and non synthetic, friendly with environment with a unique mission and new understanding for animal farming.

The color GREEN which is the symbol of “standing for the nature”. We are so proud to start a brand new era in animal farming and caring in Turkey.